Friday, January 22, 2010

Google Nexus One vs. iPhone

I just got the Google Nexus One. I have owned the Apple iPhone for over a year now (3GS) and have a few thoughts:

What I don't like
1. My phone was not activated out of box so had to spend 20 min on call with Tmobile to fix this issue.

2. GPS accurate is very off. iPhone can get it to about 40 feet and Google Nexus One at best is 2 - 3 blocks off which is not good for GPS or apps that use the GPS SDK.

3. iPhone UI is still much better.

4. Automatic backlight adjustment is terrible. My phone goes from bright to dark a lot so I had to turn this off.

5. Use only 2G networks was turned on as default factor setting--this seems very dumb.

6. iPhone keyboard is far superior and more accurate.

7. I can't add more than one weather city.

What I like:
1. No need to sync up with iTunes and just charge via A/C.

2. Apps that I downloaded are much higher quality than on the iPhone (ie Skype, etc).

3. Google voice native integration

4. Sync with my Google Apps which we use for corporate email (the yellow star feature is all I needed).

5. Larger screen

6. Noticeably faster

In the end though for me the iPhone still wins.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Funny outsource post I found on Craigslist

Outsource Needed!

Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-23, 9:20PM PST

I am a very busy person and I am looking for a company to out source my online dating. Your task will be to contact potential dates for me via various online dating services and social networking sites. I will let you know my background and my preferences of dates and you will contact people matching my preferences.

I will pay for each successful dates that has been scheduled. Please contact me for more details. Thank you.

PostingID: 487646658

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My New Puppy Rocky

So I just got a puppy Friday night. Poor guy had to fly from DCA ->ATL -> SEA. About 7 hours of flying. I picked him up from Delta Air Cargo. Puppies are A LOT of work, but I've been told it was worth it. So two things.

1. Little dude barks/cries a lot when I'm not there--separation anxiety.
2. Still needs to be house broken--I'm trying to teach him to use a litter box.

Other than that he's a good boy! His ears got cropped last week, so they are still bandaged up, but are starting to stand up nicely.

Monday, November 05, 2007

My rant on DST

Every year I don't look forward to DST. It's just plain dumb and outdated, but no one is going to change it because there's no incentive or carrot to make this change politically. I'm not sure was it was for originally (WWII, farmers, electricity savings etc), but the USA and western europe should just drop it.

It's also much safer to have light out til dark and save more lives. Maybe time to move to Asia or Afrika :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Likes

Here are my current top favs:

1. SprintPCS SERO Plans - I'm paying $50 + tax for what normally would cost $90 + tax.
2. Macbook Pro - Just makes my life easier (although the paint off my keys and laptop are scraping off)
3. Entourage on HBO - AMAZING show, probably the best show I've seen on TV
4. Mercedes and Audi Cars - The AMG 63 engine is amazing (55 was amazing too), then the new Audi's coming out have been nice (R8).
5. Washington summers - but that's gone now...

Friday, July 27, 2007


Gosh, haven't posted in a long time. I'm not a big blogger. It would be great if I could put aside an hour a day and write a really thoughtful blog every morning.

So....what's been going on. Mostly PixPulse has me slammed. Hired 3 more employees the past week and still need to hire more.

Housing market has slowed up quite a bit--this is not 2005 anymore! Which is a bummer since I have two homes on the market now.

Cheers! and happy August everyone!!! My favourite month of the year! Too bad no down time for me this year. Here' s funny photo of a limo beached in SF:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Unhappiness with Macbook Pro

I've had my Macbook pro for about 100 days now--it is the 15" Core 2 Duo with upgraded 2gig ram. Here are my gripes:

1. Two hardware defects: The "F1" key is lower than all the other keys (probably just a $14 fix for the white backing to the key). The backlight of the LCD is partly broken and has a vertical dark strip in the middle and causes the laptop to buzz. This is fixed by turning on brightness to maximum and waiting 10 or so minutes.

2. My biggest gripe is that the bottom edge of the laptop case cuts into my wrist/arms and this really hurts. I have to use a wrist rest all the time--an no, this is not because of my posture or my chair being too low.

3. My laptop doesn't come out of sleep. After I login, I get a black dark screen so I have to put my laptop to sleep and try again.

4. The laptop runs really really slow. All the normal MSFT and Adobe programs run shit slow. My last laptop was a 1.4ghz Intel Centrino with 1.5g ram and it ran many programs faster. Another small gripe is that I like more tactile keys that press down more, but this is just more of a personal preference.

Ok, that's the end of my rant. There are definitely positives to using the Mac like installing programs is much easier than a PC, widget are great, etc.

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